Spacy Delusion

what is spacious for me
can be claustrophobic to you
and what is small to me
can be comfortable for you
what is large
can be small
and what is wide
can soon be narrow

it is all happening here
in the mind of the beholder
a subjective perception
of comparison with another

my big house is reduced to small
by the many furnitures I put in
or the colour I chose
or even my wanting it bigger

how then can space be real
or even true
when I say I need my space
do not intrude into my space
or even
this space is mine!

except a misguided perception
entailing separation
between your idea and reality

what then is beyond space
where separation is impossible
and hierarchy unheard of
where high meets low
where up is down
where top is also bottom
and you is me
and we

but a figment of imagination
deriving from space
where it can be filled
or occupied
or even
and returned

let space teach us
instead of lead us

to think that we are actually here!

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