The Game You Play

I am just an environment
giving you the freewill
to incept whatever ideas you wish
and with it
you get to experience the feeling
that accompanies it.

But be forewarned
the game you play in me
as you may lose yourself
and suffer in consequence.

For, you see
there is such things as wrong ideas
and right ideas
not that they are differentiated
to mean evil or good
but to mean
ignorance or wisdom
either leading
to seeming bondage
or simply free.

Like an amusement park
you can either enjoy playing those games
or be frightened by what you played
both are merely perceptions of your own.

Hence right view gives right perception
and with it follows freedom or joy
and wrong view gives wrong perception
making your experience a nightmare of sort
bringing fear that is unfounded and unreal
but yet so real to you
when you are in it.

Awake to me
and you will see I am merely an innocence space
a nature on its own
working out fairly
what has been incepted.

Don’t blame me
if you are unwell in mind
Don’t love me
if you are experiencing mental freedom
as I am merely
like a mirror,
reflecting what you intent.

Allowing the Mind be Free

The purpose of awareness, or mindfulness, is to give presence to what is already occurring in the mind, which obviously has to be in the present, not in the past or future. Past and future too are actually thoughts of the present, arising in the here and now with meanings of past and future.

And when awareness is given to the mind, one could not help but notice in due time, that what he or she is being aware of has always occurred in the mind, never leaving it. In other words, nothing left the mind, not even something or someone that we think is causing our distress or happiness that is seemingly “out there”. The something or someone is actually the result of the mind’s ability of conceptual projection, making what is actually in the mind seems to be out of the mind, as in “out there”.

Soon when one is able to skilfully watch the mind, what comes up obvious to one’s experience is the rampant nature of resistance – the inability to accept what is. It becomes obvious that there is nothing one can run away from, since it has never left the mind, but due to the ignorance in this fact, one tries to reject it by making meaning out of it. Resistance comes in many forms, which the mind has mastered over time when the earlier ways did not work or does not anymore thus new methods are continuously being created ignorantly to fix the pain one thinks can be avoided resulting in the many facades of resistance which the mind uses to escape an inescapable pain.

In reality, the whole thing about resistance is paradoxical by nature. Nothing is painful in the mind, except the arising of not wanting, in other words, clinging on to not accepting. The not wanting, or resistance, is what causes the pain, not what is in the mind. It may sound strange, but that is exactly what it is when one starts to see how the mind works. Take for example, anger. Anger, by itself, is just an aspect of the mind. It arises due to one not seeing that the idea lodged in the mind is merely an idea and cannot be clung or held onto. Hence when another opposing idea that seems to be coming from the outside world meets with the idea in the mind, conflict arises and it is in this conflict that pain is born. Conflict is merely the inability to accept another idea because the very idea which one holds on, to him, seems right and with that the meaning of another being “wrong” arose in the mind. Hence the arising of anger, as a pain in the mind.

If one is mindful, and able to recognize anger as a product of opposing ideas, and with right mindedness, accepts how this is the nature of the mind works, one will see anger disappearing in his presence. Logically explained, anger arises from not acceptance and to bring in acceptance is to nullify anger. Of course, if one wishes to be angry there is no reason to accept the fact that anger springs from his own meanings.

The next round when any upset arise, be it in the form of jealousy, aversion, worry, depression etc, recognize it as it is, as if giving it a voice in the mind. It is like, “I am accepting you exactly as you are – giving you the space to be what you are” and then observe what happens to it. “Recognize it as it is” here is to mean accepting the upset without trying to resist it. You will be surprised by what turns up only if you are to accept the mind, and not to fool it by trying to fix up the pain.

The Post Keeps Shifting

If different sets of instructions are given to different levels of maturity, obviously, the instruction you get now at this moment changes over time. It is a sign of progress when one is able to recognize that what is told now, no longer holds the truth later on. Not that the master is indecisive or the student incompetent but simply need changes in proportion to demand.

Hence look out for rigidity or inflexibility in one’s practise. To recognize that the mind’s delay in change is the cause of delay in progress – though progress is not one’s purpose, especially in spiritual pursuit, yet when it comes to time taken, the cause is found in mind’s ignorance.

Adaptability is always a boon. And of course, the ability to discern correctly when to change is wisdom working. Be creative – for it is in creativity that adaptability is strengthen. Train the mind towards recognizing fixation and learn as many tools possible to apply a situation. Due to numerous unseen conditioning that causes a situation, the same tool will not work all the time on similar situations.

More importantly, do not conclude. Conclusion ends possibilities and makes the next level of truth unreachable. What is true is always eternal, limitless and unconditional; hence to come to a fixed conclusion is in contradiction to truth.

Higher teachings or instructions can never be given to initiates. Neither, can lower teachings be given to adepts, except to impede their potential growth. Hence proper instructions are inevitable when one progresses. For when one matures in her own wisdom, she may realize for herself many a times in life lessons that what seems to be true at a certain time turns out to incorrect later on, if not untrue.  Similarly when one comes into contact a book of profound knowledge; his understanding of what he rereads changes over time.

Hence it should not be a surprise to a sincere practitioner that the message given by his trusted guide may seem to change over time – at times contradicting and probably irrational. And that depends on the wisdom of the practitioner to investigate and question the instruction given. Some tradition or faith forbids questioning – again that will be over to the practitioner’s wisdom to either trust further or change direction. Who can really dictate another unless one allows for it?

It will be wise to remember that the spiritual journey, unlike any other journey, is full of paradoxes and to flow along with it, with wisdom, is rather a necessity, if not crucial. After all has been said, wisdom rules throughout. Hence having the intelligence to discern, a hallmark of wisdom, is an asset to all seekers of truth. To keep aspiring for wisdom is to see things wisely, to see things differently other than the norm of ignorance, and to see things correctly that enables one to put what is understood into right practice that leads to immediate result, hence allowing further faith to arise for deepening and expansion of wisdom. The journey is cyclic by nature.

Wisdom Leads

If you were to ask me how
I can never tell.

If you were to ask me when
I can never tell too.

If you were to ask me what
that too I can never tell.

What I can only tell
is that it is impossible to tell
more so, to show
how the path of deliverance works
as it takes intricate wisdom
to convey what is truly simple
and yet profound
into words
for you to understand.

There are tons of books
tons of knowledge
tons of words
tons of advices
yet none
conveys the direct path
that you can take
for yourself
and it is none the fault of those
neither the fault of yours
for not being able to comprehend
but the delusion helm
that forbids

Hence seek none
but aspire earnestly for wise guidance
from deepest of your heart’s desire
that you will be rightfully led
through your own wisdom
and through the wisdom of others
understanding & realization
that surpasses all

It is not in your aspiration
nor prayers
nor guidance
nor is it too your hard work
but wisdom in the beginning
wisdom in the mid
and wisdom in the end
that finally leads you over.

In unconditional love
is found wisdom
in patience
in diligence
in short, all supportive conditions.

Hence let
wisdom be your aspiration
wisdom be your practise
wisdom be your discerning
wisdom, your guidance
till end of your journey.

New Year, Old Year

To some, a welcoming event;
to others, a reminder of eminent age.

To some, a new resolution;
to others, a year of dread.

To some, a new planning;
to others, conformity.

What say you, a new year or old;
if changes are made for the sake of year,
instead of changes made within.

The year seems to change but
what changes is idea within,
the number we give meaning to
the days we imagine,
the months that seemingly tick;
all but occurring in mind.

Had there been changes,
it has to be in mind;
for if the source is not changed,
what difference will that make
of the world coming and going,
oblivion to what is stored within.

Change your mind
the world will change,
and sure it does
as what you perceive
of the world,
is what is in you, the mind.

Happy or dreadful New Year,
whatever meaning given to it,
makes no meaning
except all in the mind.