A serious matter not to laugh at

Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects.
– A Course in Miracles (T-27. VIII.6:2-3)

It is so funny when I reflected those years where I got pissed off by Christian-like materials with words like Son, God or Holy Spirit which I will just chucked away without questioning. Obviously I was deluded and arrogant. When I was reading the above sentence over my lunch awhile ago, from the 1st of the 7 books of Journey Through the Workbook of A Course in Miracles by Kenneth Wapnick, I was observing the conversation going on in the mind, while concurrently reading the statement. I saw the level of understanding at this point of my life matches the verses that is written. But wait a minute. I am not reading the text literally per se or am I baptized or taken refuge into a certain specific faith that inclines me to believe entirely what I read.

What I was experiencing in that brief moment of reading is the data in me matching what is been read.  It is like a diagnostic program deciphering what it is going through moment after moment. At the end, there is a satisfaction of what has been read. It was indeed a strange experience upon hindsight as there is no me that is doing the work except an automated impersonal momentum. The closes definition of “me” at that moment was the awareness itself.

But there is a stranger experience to that. There is a deeper understanding to what I have blogged prior to my lunch on I am not upset for the reason I think it is. The last sentence from A Course in Miracles rings so clearly to me as if the Holy Spirit or Wisdom is trying to expressed what is been said: You are free to believe what you choose, and what you do attests to what you believe.

The ideas that I have accumulated in the mind throughout the endless journey of life – beliefs that are accumulated from my upbringing, race, culture, education, political, world, religion and spiritual experiences – becomes me. As such what I believe I attest to what I do, in this case, understanding what I read. It was a revelation of some sort. Who “I am” are mere ideas. A very serious one too as it makes me think “I am” real.

Interestingly the last sentence attracted me: In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. Let me share what I understood from my past experiences (ideas) :) . I am always amazed by the word sati in Buddhism. All the while I have been taught its translation was “mindfulness”. Later in my life I was been given a new insight into the meaning – not to forget. Whenever I remember not to forget I am propelled into the present moment recognizing that awareness is already doing itself rather than awareness or mindfulness is my doing.When I was reading the last sentence the word forgetting matches the data bank of not to forget – like a search engine. Again, what I believe from my direct experience attest to what I read.

The next inspired sentence was “… the thought become a serious idea” – this is what I experienced in my dream in the blog The World, an Illusion – Unveiling the Truth I realized that when I am unaware, unconscious to my presence, the thought of that moment turns into a reality, a world of its own, in a holographic experience. This is what dreams are. And it can be a serious matter as everything to me at that time becomes vivid, and, tangible – I experienced everything as seriously real! All because of an idea of that moment!

Coming to the last sentence: … and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. This reminds me of what was said in the book Your Immortal Reality – using illusion to get out of illusion. Though ideas or views are basically product of mental illusion, yet it is also ideas that bring us out of it. Thus it is appropriate to recognized what are Right Views and Wrong Views. In the Noble Eightfold Path the Buddha put Right Understanding or Right View as the first. Right view can bring about accomplishment into the undoing of the Ego. And yet, views can also be a nightmare leading to causal relationship of past, present and future depicted by the meaning real effects – if it is a wrong view.

Indeed wonderful!

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