The Path of the World is One, the Path of Truth is another

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.
Richard Bach

The path of  the World is opposing the path of Truth. As such what I am already experiencing in the world  is not what Truth is all about. To enter into the kingdom of Truth I have to enter into the essence of each form, be it a tangible form or the form of my thoughts and perception. What is the contrast of Knowledge and Truth?

K: In seeing everything, everything is known.
T: In seeing the one thing, everything is understood

K: To want is to have more.
T: Neither to want or not to want is more.

K: Each doing is a time saved. Each being is a time wasted.
T: Each being is a time saved. Each doing is a time wasted.

Similarly, to come into Truth, I have to question all emotional experiences which I put meaning to.

K: You hurt me.
T: I am hurting myself.

K: I am hurt.
T: I am feeling hurt.

K: I am feeling hurt.
T: Hurt is not me.

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