Mind or Mine?

MIND is a funny factor
But not a laughing matter
I can’t know what is up its sleeve
neither can I know when it leaves

Where is the mind
I do not know
Yet  I do know
There is a mind

I know it exist
But where it exist?
In the now I sense its presence
Elusively it disappears as quickly as it appears

By its performance
I sense its presence
Yet I could not tell
The performer itself

A good conjurer the mind is
With its myriad perceptions
And various feelings
Surprises me without fail

I will laugh
I will cry
I will think
I will feel
Making me a puppet
On a string

Illusive it can be
It shows itself
Not exactly in form
Except its traits.

Until I recognize the mind
I will be at its expense
Even then
A shadow it will lives

When will be its final goodbye
I wouldn’t know
Standing by for certain
It needs to be known.

I can’t release the mind
Except it releases me
Not until I understand it
My journey with it is for certain

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