Veil the Unveiled

Where have I not been?
of greatest bliss
to unbearable woes
of which all is but one
merely experiences
arising from the mind
ceasing again to the next
constantly within here, the NOW?
yet nothing really occurred.

Have I not had enough
that keeps the wheel yearning?
of unquestioned need
that bears witness
to untold stories
of ancient pain and
distant attachments
coming back one more time
and yet many more to come
simply to grasp
the transient thirst
of hoping
of expecting
of imagining
of desiring
of one last drop
that will fulfills
all desire
coming to its end.

Will that day come?
surely by common sense
it will not
considering that if it would
the end would have occurred before
ceasing all NOW
back to where Beginning
never was
hence never the meaning
of End.

Indeed strange how
the whole mechanics arise
a device that never
can ever be explained
left alone be understood.

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