Never Was

Imagine imagine
you never knew what a mirror was
not to mention its function
never understood
what a reflection can do to you

and one day you step into one
shocked with disarray
how another you is separated
trapped in the frame
on the other side

from your side you see the limiting frame
sorry for the other “you” trapped within it
wallowing with dismay
in anger and vengeance
who brought your half in there

for a moment losing yourself
forgetting who you are
propelled into the illusion of the mirror
becoming the reflection of that limitation
you dreamt that you are that

as in awaken state
the next moment asleep
what is present becomes real
of the past all forgotten
not remembering it was just a dream

and here you find
a reflection that never was
an imagination of sort
of strange device that propels you here
of the impossible turned reality
of what is unreal becoming real
in a brief of forgetfulness
all are forgotten

but how can that be possible
to be on the other side
except a reflection
not even to mention any reality in it
not of 3 dimension or even a realm there
except an illusion
a great mystery

wake up wake up
soon a calling came
and before you knew it
awakening came a surprise
to realized it was just like a dream
a dream so darn real
yet nothing has really occurred
except a brief moment of forgetting
transported into timbuktu

if you can forget about wakeful state
being propelled into dream
having no conscious choice in it
Isn’t it the same
isn’t it possible
to forget yourself
as entering into the mirror
though never once have you left
except drowned in imagination
of unreal-turned-reality

come home to me
come home to me
as you gradually know…
it was you!

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