OMG! Indeed a Deceit!

oh dear
the demon came a knocking again
the other day
immersing totally
you forgot it was another replay

a rehearsal of sort
that you have taken for real
and hence the ride was pretty scary
daunting and peril

soon you will wake up to realize
shucks! another unreal dream
of embarrassment that repeats once again
beating yourself up why it has to repeat

but wait a minute
if you have done it so many a times
how could it be that you are framed again?
or is it that a point is missed that
ravelling the mystery
a deceit is found?

what deceit, you exclaimed
is it you or really me that is at fault?
neither both, deary soul
for it is not about a personality I am referring
except nature of conditioning replaying again

unless wisdom comes a yonder
ignorance simply play its game
and you can’t say it is either wrong or bad
as what ignorance does is simply this
doing its nature what ignorance is!

so lo and behold
soon another day shall passed
awakened from the dream
you wonder why it happened

and the answer is simply already here
not that you are not entitled to you
but rather blocks that you have not known
is keeping you abay

if you do not know
your search
is what that search
whatever directions you take
will end in futility
as the search has never been at all out there
except here in the now
in this “thing” called the Mind.

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