An Era of Waking Up to the Consciousness

What’s the difference between losing 1 million dollars to someone and giving 1 million dollars away to charity? Both, at the end has the same result of 1 million being given up. The only difference is in the consciousness of the beholder who has to face what is lingering in his or her experience. It can be betrayal, or joy, or sleepless night, whatever. Do you notice all these experiences come from the meaning the consciousness puts to each experience?

You can correctly say that because of these meanings, the world we perceive comes to be. Thus, every little idea we have in our consciousness determines how we look at the world. To be exact, we have zillions of ideas in our being, each connected somehow to the another, creating a field of web that we may not able to see the source of its origin. For example, losing 1 million dollar may bring us meaning of betrayal of a similar past event, that may be linked to meaning of unfairness of another occasion, which may further go to meaning of being separated in our childhood. The vast potential of each web is unimaginable but what is important is that every experience are merely meanings or ideas churned somewhere from a past experience, reinforced and believed in, and now seemingly becoming a reality.

To another individual, he or she may view objectively the lost as an important lesson of what can be learned from it. Our present experience is determined by the path our ideas took from beginning of time and now, how we perceive things, are colored by it. Thus each moment of wakefulness is necessary for us to track our consciousness what kind of program of ideas that is running in our head. To be oblivious is to reinforce the idea that is already within – more than that, it brings about new mutation to our already existing ideas.

Basically our happiness or unhappiness are all derived from the consciousness of ideas – the meanings we give to occasions. Yet that is not many of us who wants to hear this as not to face it is much more easier than to open up our cupboard of skeletons. Yet it is only skeletons when we are not willing to see it. Fear is the same – when we ignore it, it seems to increase its might, yet when we face it squarely, it is not that frightening after all. This is the way the mind is conjured – magnifying each experience when we resist or push it away. In the same manner, when we are attach to an experience we are also magnifying it, albeit an optical illusion. When we love someone, the experience seems to magnify our daily experience and make us feel above the cloud. In truth, if Love is our beingness, we need not experience the ups and downs of being above the cloud. Thus if we do, then we have to revaluate whether there is really love in it or merely momentary attachment to the event. It will be easier to realize sooner than later in areas when Jesus shares – where there is special love, there is always special hate. You see, when one can still love when the opposite comes a calling – then we can say we are Love itself.

If our meaning rules our lives, we can consider too that our issues in relationship, money, career, health, etc – in other words, everything – is the meaning of the consciousness, projected out as a life we are living. Now the good news is that you are the player of the game called Life – you are in-charge, responsible and creator of it all. The victim mentality will not hold true anymore as you move from being unconscious to being conscious. Only when you take the bull by the horn, by fully realizing your consciousness in all its deception and reality, will you be able to live the life of True Abundance, a Creator of your own world.

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