Of Me, From Me, To Me

Every meaning I give about the world must come from me hence it is about me, and for that, each meaning has its origin of me, from me, and to me. “Me” more accurately is the mind itself. When I see a “table”, that meaning is derived from the mind that sees and for that it is about me to take responsibility for what my mind sees. If I dislike the form of that table, that dislike too comes from the mind that interprets and thus it is also my responsibility to acknowledge it is where it comes from. In truth, I need not be responsible for the mind that I am having but since this mind is the only experience I am constantly in, whether I am responsible or not, I have to experience it, except 100% all the time. To take responsibility is to align with reality, so that my mind meaning does not create stress in my experience.

It is like a house that is dirty and unkept. If I am staying in it all the time, never leaving it, I have to face that situation irrelevant whether I accept or not accept it. To accept it as per given state is where I am in, not accepting it is where I am too – both are my own experiences. My house has nothing to do with another’s responsibility, for each of us have our own house to deal with. We have never once exchange houses nor have we left the house. Wherever we go, we bring that house with us. In truth, we are the house itself, since you or me cannot separate ourselves from the mind, at least for now. Hence if I were to choose to experience a neat house, I have to housekeep it first.

Thus when I am faced with an ugly situation, causing me to get upset, that meaning of ‘ugly’ is my mind’s perception and for that I am experiencing ugly – that meaning has never left me – not that the “ugly” is upon something that I see. In the same way, the upset has never left me, though to me it seems it is my right to be upset about it. Yes, I have the right to be upset and for that, upset is my experience – how can it be upon another that I must give responsibility to? I can’t in truth, say “you betrayed me” as that meaning has always come from my mind. For that I am saying “I choose to see betrayal in you” and for that I have to experience what I choose. I can’t not want to experience what comes from that meaning as it is derived of the mind, from the mind and returns to the mind. Can I then said, betrayal is actually me – never once left the source where it comes from at all?

I am entertaining myself all the time with the mind. I am entertaining upset, I am entertaining jealousy, I am entertaining unhappiness, not to mention all the emotions that I have all the time. I am only a victim to my house when I do not choose to be responsible for it – hence whenever you feel victimized you can be sure there is a non-responsibility towards our mind’s meaning. When I choose to clean up the mess I have unknowingly done, I am now choosing to experience what I wish to experience. Only then can I say I am the Master to the house. Only then the Master can experience the world in its pristine state, only to realize the pristine state of the world is deriving from Him, the One who can constantly choose. Only then Love is possible.

an entertainer I am
a joker
a jester
or a clown
or even a devil
a ghost
or a murderer
all witnessed
by myself
for myself
to myself
in the consciousness
here, there, I called the World

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