The Four Reliances

Rely on the message of the teacher, not on his personality;
Rely on the meaning, not just on the words;
Rely on the real meaning, not on the provisional one;
Rely on your wisdom mind, not on your ordinary, judgmental mind.

– The Buddha

2 Replies to “The Four Reliances”

  1. Rely on the message…
    One may listen to a message when the message has a certain degree of meaning/understanding to her. Otherwise, the message is just another “incomprehensible sound”, not understood or became irrelevant to her.

    Rely on the meaning…
    One tends to have his own meaning when deciphering a message. The meaning to her can be a world of different from the understanding of others.

    Rely on the real meaning, …
    The tricky part, what is real? who to say what is real?

    Rely on your wisdom mind…..
    Until then…..until awaken from sleep, non-doing?… is there anything much to be done? undone?

  2. That is why an inquiring mind is important. The key is not making any conclusions with what we experience. Open up to possibilities. When one sets his mind to this idea, the potential of inquiry opens up.

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