Essence Quickie 3: When I am seeing exactly what I have seen before I am not seeing it at all.

If I am experiencing something similar, I am experiencing from past perception.

4 Replies to “Essence Quickie 3: When I am seeing exactly what I have seen before I am not seeing it at all.”

  1. But how do I see something that I have not seen before? Am I seeing anything “new”? How possible to say “I saw something new”?

  2. it all looks the same to me… a book is still a book… isn’t it? maybe a bit more crumpled or maybe it is collecting dust. so to be aware of the crumpled-ness and the dust?

  3. You can always see something from a new perspective. But usually you don’t. For example, anger. You see anger as anger and never ponder about what is anger. You don’t like anger and you want to kill anger whenever you feel guilty about it. That does not help. You have to face something to understand it. You conclude anger rather than opening up the possibility of exploring anger. Remember the statement made by Yeshua: I am not angry for the reason I think it is. This statement makes one ponder and in that ponder, one explore and in exploring one come to understand deeply what the Master has said. The next round when there is anger, you don’t see it the same anymore. It will still be anger but your perception of anger changes. You look at it in a new perspective. Probably you don’t get that upset as before due to your understanding. You probe further through keen observation and you understand more than before and soon you will know that anger is not necessary. This is the undoing process. It is the same for any egoitic process.
    The more you observe, the more you realize how little you know. That is wisdom too.

  4. It is not about the book, it is about the perception of the book. The fixed perception makes you see things the same. When you see things the same you are giving space for inner insights to arise. Thus right questioning is important. Question whenever you do something. Are you doing out of autopilot or out of essentiality? Are you getting angry without knowing why? Keep probing. Inquisitiveness is a requisites to understanding, to wisdom.

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