Awakened and Awakened to Truth

The mind does not know what it does not know and only knows what it know. Out of both it knows – it knows that it does not know and knows that it knows. Hence if there are no new information coming into the mind, it only knows according to what it has in the past, the storage of all past experiences and knowledge. And hence a person operates in a very limiting way, overseeing what may be obvious to another, but not to him.

There are no limits to acquiring knowledge in the world. In fact the mind, has infinite capacity to store data – limitless will be the word, unlike computers where there is constantly a limit, though throughout the year it has move bigger from bytes to kilobytes, to megabytes, to gigabytes, and now terabytes. It will be impossible to catch up with what the mind can do since the mind is the forerunner of human activities, and yet there is so little understanding of its existence. It has been said that we use up only a very small percentage of what the brain cells can store.

There are certain knowledge that are helpful to our wellbeing and there are many that are not. But of both, they are limited to the world. Limited in the sense that it does not bring you beyond the world. World not in the sense of earth, but the perspective of who we think we are. I am a man, a father, an engineer, a politician – these are merely roles. When all these roles are stripped what is left is simply a body, left with a bundle of mind stuff – knowledge and information again. That is all it is. So, what?

Well, don’t you want to know what this mind is all about, with all its stuff in it? Well, many are not keen at all, and yet there are still others who do not even bother about it. Of course it is not necessary to know, but one thing is for sure – if we do not know the mind we are having, we are only carrying it along in ignorance, hence not knowing what the mind will randomly bring us into. Have you seen an insane person? Have you seen a seriously troubled person who opted for suicide instead of life? Have you seen an extremely happy go lucky guy who never plans and has much to live, and yet you are bounded with worries albeit with much riches but still find life a struggle? And even if you are not rich you may also find that you have other real stuffs to deal with, like health issues or even relationship interaction? Waking up each day is like an open battle field, or a desert – you do not really know what can come up next – you are simply vulnerable to casualties and triggers of what the world is giving you, each moment.

Have you not ponder why the huge variation of emotions? And why ancient feelings keep repeating themselves and you just detest when they arise? Yet, you do not know how to deal with them except to shun them away one more time or make another a scapegoat? Well, if you do not have these, then I will congratulate you – as you have yet to be awakened to these stuffs yet – and even if you know about it, you have yet to question seriously why the need to struggle. And if you approved what I have just rattled, congrats to you too as you are starting to see the truth of your mind – it will be a beginning of a series of soul searching that will lead you to further Truth. And I do really wish you the best, as this direction is a huge playing field of more than what you can imagine. Welcome!

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  1. Instead of ignoring whatever the Mind may have concocted out to throw us of our equilibrium, I guess the best way is to acknowledge what the Mind throws at us with love and send it off with love. constant inquiries would be key but not getting attached to its ideas.

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