Thou Art Seen

Oh ye friend
you shall see what I saw
only in silence
in effortless effort

The mind
building its block
of idea as each brick
of moment its building
of holding on its cement
of time it takes shape
of delusional story came to be

With wisdom mighty light
shining through
the nature of mind
the blocks built
came a tumbling
and yet, and yet
it begins rebuilding
itself again

Who is the builder?
ignorance is seen
Who is the momentum?
grasping is recognized

Each rebuilding
its root deepens
an untold story defines
hence the world came to be
with no meaning in its beginning
to multiple meanings
of hate and desiring

And yet, and yet
nothing really occurred
except mind playing up
its nature

Seeing makes colours and form real
Tasting makes taste darn irresistible
Smelling makes smell possible
Touching makes intangible, solid
and yes,
Hearing makes what’s not in existence a fantasy
All an orchestra of team
playing up in the mind

Where am I
Who am I
What am I

4 Replies to “Thou Art Seen”

  1. Oh ye Beloved
    whence comes the mind
    its functions
    its intelligence
    moulding possibilities
    from an infinite nature

    Where is the I
    Who is the I
    What is the I

    during the course of believing

    And yet, and yet
    where, who and what
    dismantles the mechanics
    bit by bit
    till all is seen
    all only just a dream

    Only the Witness
    Only the Knowing
    Only in effortless effort
    Oh Welcome! Welcome!

  2. my friend,my friend,you are the one I have searched many lifetimes for,the one…the light in an embodiment of love,now not a friend anymore…just one self

  3. They say nobody’s perfect, and that’s a literal fact. If you want to become perfect, become nobody. The only way to get free of Maya’s grasp is if there’s nothing for her to hold onto.

  4. Well said, well said. One more statement – become nobody is impossible – “to become” has to be made into somebody.

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