Facing What Has Been Compromised

a mother in serious labor pain
the girl talking on the phone, in love
the doctor breaking the news
the guy in gym, dumbbells in hand
a leader pondering the next cause of action
the child enjoying his toys
a sick stricken patient with her pain
a conversation stricken
a moment of triumph
a relationship fallout
a love making experience
or the brink of suicidal
another struggling to survive
and yet in worst scenario
the moment near death

each every occasion
no matter what the storyline
each every moment
no matter what the experience
be it fear,
or sadness
there is only one
a celebration of ONE
of the present Now
of how you and I
relate to what is already in our space

the experience, merely a decoy
presented once again
of compromise one has made before
coming back as another chance
of what was once
wrongly chosen
not aligning with the heart
of guilt overwhelming
returning to make good again

and yet each experience so real
making attention focused on it
amnesiac, forgetting
what will really set one free
is not the experience
but the wonderment of relate
for it is here
that compromise is found

freeing it, letting it go
the grip of holding on
one is finally set free.
for what one holds on is holding one back
returning one more time to the game of Life
the cycle of birth and death.

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