Ideas Rule the World

Ideas are pretty funny “creatures”
for they make you believe who you think you are
they make you laugh
and you say you are happy
they make you cry
and you say you are sad
they make you care for another
and you think no one cares for you instead

But how can something that “makes” you
be “you” unless belief sets into picture?

An idea pops up and says
“I want someone to be around”
and hey presto!
another idea has to arise simultaneously
to match and balance the other
“I don’t want to be alone”
is what you have
in vice versa both ideas dance
sometimes a cause
another time an effect
never leaving each other
matching and balancing itself at all times
making you seek and look for another

if you fulfill the idea then you are happy
failing which you
will feel dejected, probably sad too.

another Idea pops up and said
“let me not be selfish”
and its opposite, has to appear simultaneously
starting the ball rolling as “have to be selfless” idea
hence you move to help another
making you feel good
and surely you would have known by now
if help is not given in anyway
bad feelings will be yours

if Idea wants to be alone
hey presto!
another Idea pops up in pairing
wanting not to be disturb

but HELLO! wait a minute….
how long more do you want to serve Ideas?
never fulfilled except to want more?
and here you are exhausted playing its game

do you not see its opposite
making you running around headlessly?

It is not that “you” are dejected
but the idea that “wants” something
already set in motion
another idea “do not want” to come into picture
for want and do not want
can only comes in pair

And hence you have to prepare
for the experience of elation or dejection
depending which,
the “want” Idea or “don’t want” Idea wins the race

Ideas make you cry
ideas make you laugh
ideas make you sad
ideas make you happy
and “you” merely a puppet on a string
pulled by its need
making you dance its way
unknown of its catch
subjugate to its play

and here you are thinking
you ARE happy
you ARE sad
except ideas laughing its way home
so funny
so ridiculous
this thing call IDEA

who are you without IDEAS?
surely you will like to know
but then again “like” is another idea again, rearing out its head….. sigh….

2 Replies to “Ideas Rule the World”

  1. TL,

    I like the phrase “except ideas laughing its way home” , simple yet meaningful.

    Thank you for producing such blog.

  2. This really is a wonderful post. Thanks a lot for spending some time to describe all of this out for all of us. It really is a great guide!

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